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Dance Moms Cast: Where Are They Now?

Dance Moms Cast: Where Are They Now?We were introduced to Dance Moms in 2011, and since then we have fallen in love with the team at Abby Lee’s Dance Company. But what are they up to now?Maddie ZieglerShe has taken center stage in many of Sia’s music videos such as Chandelier and Cheap Thrills. SHeh also has signed [...]

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Best Foods For Dancers

Top Foods to Eat For DancersDancers put their bodies through a lot of physical stress and pain so eating the right foods is essential. Obviously, potato chips and pizza are delicious but not necessarily going to benefit a dancer’s health. With that said, here are a few foods that will make a difference. 1.Spinach Spinach is a great source [...]

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Paris Fashion WeekAs Paris Fashion Week starts off with a bang, Sadie Jane takes a look at the latest looks and styles. Click on the Sadie Jane outfits to check out the look!1. Mesh fabric Gigi Hadid  in a black and white dress with some see through mesh like fabric.         2. Bright colorsThe Givenchy show showed [...]

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Dancing Around the World

Dancing is a beloved past time all over the world. It is about of the heritage, culture and passion of countries oceans and oceans away from the United States. Let’s take a look at some places that love dance just as much as we do, we promise this will be way more entertaining than your school’s history lessons.Spain is [...]

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Where Are SYTYCD Stars Now?

Where Are SYTYCD Winners Now?After SYTYCD: Next Generation just crowned Kida as the winner, what are the other winners of previous seasons up to? Let’s take a look.Season 12005Nick LazzariniLazzarini was not only the first winner, but Nigel personally reached out to him to try out for the show. That decision to try out paid off in the end [...]

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It's Not About You: The Sellout That Wasn't There

It's Not About You: The Sellout That Wasn't There   "My creation, my vision, my message, and I will not change any part of my artistic vision for anyone." There is a lot of "me" in that sentence. In fact, there is only "me" in that sentence.    Dance, as with all art, is [...]

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The four finalists (Jemma, Jt, Kida, and Tate) started the night with a group dance to “Brand New” by Ben Rector. The audience and judges gave them a standing ovation which they definitely deserve after making it to the finale in this cut throat competition.At the end of the episode, we found out who won a quarter of a million [...]

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SYTYCD WEEK 12: Top 4 Battle it Out

Last night’s theme was neon and bright colors as the Top 5 took to the stage in some pretty colorful outfits. The Top 4 also put on quite a show as they randomly were assigned their dance style for their final “time to shine” for audiences’ votes. With that said, let’s see how the last 4 competed before the [...]

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Whether you are spending all day at the dance studio, or at a competition, your bag has to be as on point as you! BOBBY PINSBobby pins can work magic. They are so easy to fix a bun the fell out or do a quick touch up before hitting the stage. Not to mention how small [...]

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SYTYCD WEEK 9: Double Elimination

The stakes were high and a bear suit was worn. Welcome to the double-elimination night.Emma and GabyTap“Walk Like the Egyptian”Anthony MorigeratoThis fast paced dance was nothing less than a challenge for Emma but she kept up with the quick moves. Emma has been told by the judges before that she needs to make her dances [...]

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