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The Dance Teacher Wants to Work With Your Child More Often... Now What?

Chemistry is everything in life. Right? I mean, you can feel it when you don't jive with the person sitting across from you at an interview. At a party. In the office.You can also feel it, when you do. When you do jive right off the bat with someone unexpectedly. Some relationships are like white on rice, [...]

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Six Ways to be a Body-Positive Role Model for your Dancers

As a plus-sized dancer, I've received many messages over the past two years from parents, asking me if I should question the influence I have on my students, being the plus-sized woman that I am.I've been asked if I'm setting a good example by teaching children dance in this 200 pound body. I've been asked [...]

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Your Idea is Useless

You may be reading this probably only because of the title. Or perhaps you’re here because you’ve been inspired by a new idea; you think about it often, you protect it like it’s gold —afraid of sharing it because someone could steal it from you…The artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs - [...]

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Think, Feel, Do

One of the most important, nay, one of the most essential questions in the world consists of one single word: "Why?"Dancers don't really ask that question. Choreographers certainly don't ask it nearly enough. Actors do ask it, perhaps even too much, but they don't always seem to listen to the answer.I am going to [...]

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SHARKCOOKIE Photo Shoot and the 2015 Sadie Jane Models

Our 2015 Photo Shoot in Arizona was ON FLEEK last month! We flew in our Model Contest winners, Peyton and Sofia, and also invited some of our semi-finalists and friends to join us. We all had such a blast shooting with SHARKCOOKIE, and we can't wait to share all of the things we created together.   Yes, there was hair, [...]

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Here is the Most Important Thing Every Dancer Should Know

A lot of time, as dancers, we have these out of body experiences where we step on stage, the lights come up, and we dance full out without really understanding what is happening. Because our muscle memory is so strong, we leave the stage with our pulse racing, not really able to comprehend what just happened. The energy [...]

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Empowerment, Girl Power, and the Next Reflection Tank

Do you know what professional soccer player Mia Hamm said to her coach when he told her that she ran like a girl?She told him that if he ran a little faster, then he could too.Women have been making history as athletes for longer than they've been given credit for, and for good reason. Women are strong, [...]

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Happy Father's Day!

Dear little one,You have no idea now, but in twenty years from now, you're realllllllly going to appreciate everything your father has done to get you into dance.See, he might not always understand why you dance. He might not even have supported it at first. But he makes it happen for you anyway.You might not [...]

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This is for the Dance Teacher Who is Underappreciated

This is for the teacher who stayed up last night editing music on Garageband until her eyes crossed.This is for the teacher who consistently shows up early and always stays late.This is for the teacher that sits in the middle of her living room surrounded by costume books for days, switching post­it note after post-­it note as [...]

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