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Surprising Health Benefits of Dance

Every dancer knows that it takes a lot more than just a good sense of rhythm to perform at the demanding level academies require, but no matter what level you fall in, dancing benefits you and your body in numerous ways. In fact, dancing does a lot more than maximizing flexibility and physical performance.Professional dancer [...]

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This week the contestants or narrow down from 40-10. Each All-Star could have one on their team. To pick which one lucky dancer they would choose, the dancers went through two rounds of performances: hip-hop and contemporary. They would learn choreography and then were expected to prove what they had to the All-Stars. One of [...]

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SYTYCD WEEK 4: The Academy

The first week of the Academy was pretty cutthroat and anything but sugarcoated. Each dancer had to perform a solo routine in front of the 10 all stars who would pick the five dancers they wanted on their team. Broadway and hip-hop choreographers taught the young dancers solos that they would perform as a last chance to gain a [...]

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Humility, Mastery and Why You're Not What You Say You Are

"Hi, my name is X, and I'm a dancer, teacher, and choreographer."With the economy and inflation as it is, I certainly do wish I had one dollar for every time I have heard that. Titles are thrown around very easily, especially in an industry where one does not need a diploma in order to [...]

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SYTYCD WEEK 3: New York New York

So You Think You Can Dance took the Big Apple this week for the last round of auditions before the Academy. The night kicked off with one of the kids mentioning how "Nigel looks like Donald Trump" but after that there was no more funny business. The first dancers to make it through where RJ,10, and [...]

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SYTYCD: Next Generation Premier Recap

The premiere of so you think you can dance: next generation had me feeling the way I usually feel, which is that my dancing skills are very in adequate. With that said, I was very surprised with how well this spin-off show was run. The show had the regular panel of judges Jason, Paula, and Nigel with Maddy Zeigler [...]

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Best Stretches for Dancers

According to UC Davis, stretching is just as important as exercise, so why is it so commonly overlooked? If you don’t stretch, you don’t automatically wake up and feel any different. That is, until you do feel a pulled muscle and walk uncomfortably for the next few days. Dancing is insanely vigorous on the body so stretching is essential. Here [...]

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Beyond a Hobby

Dancing is a passion, past time, and competitive outlet for many, but what can dance lovers do after high school? How can they still pursue their passion without giving up their future venturing into college? One answer is to make dancing into a moneymaker.Schools other than Julliard offer as Arizona State University or Columbia University in New York offer [...]

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How to Beat an Injury

   Every dancer has experienced that injury where they think, “Wow, if I had only done (blank) maybe I could have avoided having to be out for so long”. Well, fret no more. After doing plenty of research, I compiled my knowledge onto you.   First thing to do when realizing that the injury you are suffering from could leave [...]

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The Inexistent Secret to Auditioning

We live in a world where everyone has advice to give, and where the occasional "Audition Tips" article pops up every now and again giving people the "Do's and Don'ts" of auditioning, "Audition Secrets", "How To", "Top Ten Audition Mistakes"... I've seen articles warning against being "too needy", asking too many questions, not chewing [...]

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