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The Inexistent Secret to Auditioning

We live in a world where everyone has advice to give, and where the occasional "Audition Tips" article pops up every now and again giving people the "Do's and Don'ts" of auditioning, "Audition Secrets", "How To", "Top Ten Audition Mistakes"... I've seen articles warning against being "too needy", asking too many questions, not chewing [...]

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“Why are you stingy with yourselves? Why are you holding back? What are you saving for—for another time? There are no other times. There is only now. Right now.”George BalanchineAs a teacher and a choreographer who frequently works with pre-professional and college-age dancers, I’ve often encountered students-in-training that are afraid to put their full talent on display because they don’t [...]

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What's wrong with my dance technique: the common cycle of going nowhere fast

So much work. So much sweat. So little improvement.So I add another technique class to my schedule. I add practice hours. I train on weekends.I wait for results that do not come. Wash, rinse, repeat.This is the dance student's life - and the professional's life, for that matter. And yet we still haven't figured it [...]

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DANCE or DEGREE? Looking Past Your Next Performance

Pre-professional dancers are often faced with the choice of continuing their education at a college or university, or jumping directly into a career track (signing with an agent if commercial or joining a company to climb the ranks over time if a concert dancer). It doesn't always have to be one or the other. Sometimes [...]

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Emotional Art

 You literally haven't lived until you've sat around and cried with a group of nine­-year-­old girls.I've been teaching my students to read music for the past eight weeks, and as a culmination of our lessons, we started sight­-singing for the first time this weekend. Sight-­singing is when a singer is handed a piece of sheet music that [...]

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Dance Technique, Artistry, and an Electric Drill

In the early years I studied three main things: dance, music, and physics. Had I not been a dancer I would have been a musician. Had I not been a musician, I would have not become a physicist, but most likely an architect. Not the same thing, I know, but very related.What [...]

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Your Gifts Will Be Judged By Time. Be Patient.

Many of the greatest artists throughout history were not discovered one day and judged to be successful the next. Most struggled, some until the very end of their life. They really knew struggle. In some ways it defined their life and informed the brilliant work that they created. It has been said that if you [...]

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The Dance Teacher Wants to Work With Your Child More Often... Now What?

Chemistry is everything in life. Right? I mean, you can feel it when you don't jive with the person sitting across from you at an interview. At a party. In the office.You can also feel it, when you do. When you do jive right off the bat with someone unexpectedly. Some relationships are like white on rice, [...]

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Six Ways to be a Body-Positive Role Model for your Dancers

As a plus-sized dancer, I've received many messages over the past two years from parents, asking me if I should question the influence I have on my students, being the plus-sized woman that I am.I've been asked if I'm setting a good example by teaching children dance in this 200 pound body. I've been asked [...]

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Your Idea is Useless

You may be reading this probably only because of the title. Or perhaps you’re here because you’ve been inspired by a new idea; you think about it often, you protect it like it’s gold —afraid of sharing it because someone could steal it from you…The artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs - [...]

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