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5 Reasons Dance Moms Rock

It's that time of the year: Mother's Day Weekend, and although we love alllll the mamas and teachers out there, we specifically think dance moms rock! They are our biggest supporters and the sacrifices they make to give the gift of dance to their daughters deserves a shout out!! Here are a few reasons why:1. [...]

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Sadie Jane Raises Money for Hawaii!

You've read a lot on here from one of our amazing bloggers, Amanda Trusty. She's a performer, dance teacher, body love advocate, and a new lover of life in Hawaii! (jealous especially on the last one) If you haven't checked out her ALOHA by Sadie Jane line, get on it!Amanda's new Reflection Tanks have phrases like "FEARLESS" [...]

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​To the Dance Mom Who is Embarrassed by her Daughter

Okay I admit it. When I see your child chewing with her mouth open, or sitting on her cell phone every spare second she's not in class, maybe I judge you a little bit. Maybe I have a moment, before the moment where I ask myself who I am to judge a mom, of judgement [...]

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Sadie Jane Model Search: Top 3!

You voted, and the results are in! Announcing our Top 3 winners in the Sadie Jane Model Search: Kelsey, Sofia, and Peyton! CONGRATS!! Now it's time to pick your favorite semi-finalist! WHO WILL BE THE NEXT SADIE JANE GIRL? Voting begins at 12:00pm on Monday, April 6th and closes at 11:59pm on Thursday, April 9th. Only one vote per [...]

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Sadie Jane Model Search: Top 11!

Thank you to all who entered this year's Sadie Jane Model Search Contest! For the first round of the contest, three winners were chosen at the end of each month. They each won a $100 Sadie Jane gift card and progressed to the next round. Now, we have our Top 11 semi-finalists who will compete for [...]

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​Shedding Light on National Eating Disorder Awareness Week – For Our Dancers

This year's theme for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is “I Had No Idea”. I can't think of a better segway for shedding light on eating disorders on a dance blog. I, myself, grew up with disordered eating and had no idea. I honestly thought that I was just really bad at dieting. That I [...]

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What I Am Really Teaching Your Daughter (Confessions from a Dance Teacher)

A dear friend and teaching artist from New York City, Christopher Lengerich, recently blessed my dance studio here in Hawai'i with his six foot three inch presence. He worked with my young girls on everything from singing to posture to growing up in a tall body to mastering double pullbacks.He taught right up until his [...]

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Sadie Jane Ambassador: LEAH

Leah Roga is 13 years old and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona (home of Sadie Jane, woot woot)! She dances about 20 hours a week and has belonged to All About Dance for 11 years. She's been a Sadie Jane model for 2 years, and her drive and leadership that she has at such a young [...]

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Sadie Jane Ambassador: TALIA

We're excited to introduce another member of the Sadie Jane family, the beautiful Talia!! Talia is 13 years old and from Murrieta, California where she dances at Murrieta Dance Project. She discovered Sadie Jane a few years ago at iHollywood and has been following us every since! (And we're glad she did!) The biggest challenge [...]

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8 Words To Gift Your Dancer in the New Year

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen. But does your dancer know Determination, Dedication, Patience, and Compassion? Let's introduce them this year.Part of my teaching toolbox is the knowledge that positive words give every dancer extra power - extra oomph when they need it most. I gift positive words to my students in [...]

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