Welcome to Sadie Jane! To equip you to look your best and perform your best, we’re proud to bring you a vast selection of dancewear and accessories for every occasion. We carry many popular brands in all sizes, such as California Kisses, DBK, and our personal brand, Sadie Jane! This is your one-stop-shop to find all that you need to wear from the studio to the stage.



We here at Sadie Jane want every girl to feel empowered. We want you to find dancewear that is comfortable, unique, and stylish, so that you can walk confidently onto the stage when it is your turn to perform. And we believe that choosing the right dance attire is just as important to your performance as what type of dance training you receive. Thus, we’ve gathered a large variety of the best brands in dancewear to select from. We hope that the perfect outfit will help you express yourself while also knowing your beauty and worth.



Sadie Jane was started in 2008 by Jen Krotonsky, a dance mom who believes dance should be fun! She felt that every girl in dance class, whether on the back row or front and center, should feel and look special.

Dance wasn’t simply another after-school activity to drop her daughter off at. Instead, the dance studio was a home where girls can learn, explore, and grow. She watched her daughter and her friends come to life as their passion for dance grew. They learned so much more than technique and pointing their feet from their teachers; they learned discipline, determination, and teamwork. They had been given another form of expression and a stage to perform on. (Now, that’s something a mother can get a excited about!) So, why not start a dance clothing line? Why not help each girl find the right outfit to confidently express herself?

Very soon, this excited dance mom gave birth to Sadie Jane in hopes to encourage personal expression and inspire a fun performance experience. Although Sadie Jane was originally founded in Phoenix, Arizona, we wanted to make ourselves accessible to everyone. So, we not only launched SadieJane.com, but we continue to offer wholesale to dance retailers and travel to dance conventions throughout the country.

Dance gives our girls a new voice, and we at Sadie Jane can’t wait to see the young women they grow up to be.