10 Speed Round Facts About Giada Leigh!




1. Favorite song to dance to right now, it changes all the time, is Believer by Imagine Dragons. 

2. Favorite type of dance is tap. I love all styles of dance but especially tap because tap has no 'type' and how awesome is it to dance and make music at the same time. 

3. Dance is my life! But some other hobbies of mine are modeling, acting, reading and baking.
4. I stretch EVERY day. My favorite would be Splits. I do them watching TV, reading, on my ipod. I love them at pilates on the reformer. 
5. My favorite after dance or workout snack would be watermelon, cherries or a protein bar and of course lots of water.
6.  If I was deserted on an island and I can only have one person with me I would want my mom. She's my favorite person, she's really funny and she's smart. She would probably think of a way to get us off the island. 
7. I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up and act and model. 
8. Something on my bucket list is to tap dance on every continent. 
9. It's hard to pick my favorite Sadie Jane outfit, but if I had to I guess it would be my Hannah Reversible cause it's like 2 outfits in one and it's cut really cool in the back. 
10. My inspiration would be my mentors, Chloe and Maud Arnold. I admire them because they are strong, hard-working, independent women. They teach me about bringing each other up and supporting others just as much as they teach me about tap.