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Sadie Jane is proudly supporting other small businesses during this time by showcasing brands who are also shifting their production line to keep their employees working. You can read about the featured company below.

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This little squirt is so handy! With 85% ethyl alcohol and absolutely no fillers, this hand sanitizer stops bacteria and viruses in their tracks. Clean up your hands and household surfaces with a single squirt. Every glass bottle is filled by hand in Pennsylvania with a pure formula that dries quickly without a sticky residue.

Our bottles are now shipping with a convenient spray top!


How Does Clean Squirt Compare? We use no fillers in Clean Squirt so the 2 ounces lasts and lasts! With our larger volume squirt pump, you'll need just 1-2 squirts to do BOTH hands. One bottle will give you between 150-300 uses. If you use Clean Squirt 6 times a day your Clean Squirt will last you 25 days (probably more)!  

Where is your company located? We are a small family-owned and operated business located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, USA.  We work out of an old shoe factory built in 1888 and later used as a textile mill through WWII. The factory sat nearly derelict until we renovated it to run our nail products manufacturing business in 2006.

What is this product made of? Pure 85% Ethyl Alcohol & purified water. It is a liquid and can be used on non-porous surfaces as well as hands.  The CDC, W.H.O., and FDA all recommend Ethyl Alcohol (aka Ethanol) be used as the main ingredient in hand sanitizer at a minimum of 60%. 

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