10 Speed Round Facts about Jonna Banko! 


  1. What is your favorite song to dance to? Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

  2. What is your favorite style of dance to do and why? Contemporary, because the movement  can be both powerful and soft.

  3. What are you other hobbies besides dance? Modeling

  4. What is your favorite stretch? downward dog

  5. What is your favorite post workout/dance snack? Almond butter and honey

  6. If you were on a deserted island-who is one person you would want to bring with you and why? My mom, because she is super supportive.

  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Rockette or a dancer on a professional company.

  8. What is something on your bucket list? Snorkeling  in  the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  9. What is your favorite Sadie Jane outfit and why? The Mercy leotard, because the look is very powerful and the leg bands hold it in place.

  10. Who is your inspiration and why? One of my dance teachers, Elisa Alaio,  because she challenges me and is very supportive of all that I do.

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