10 Speed Round Facts About Summer Wolfe!


1. What is your favorite song to dance to?

All songs!!!


2. What is your favorite style of dance to do and why?

I love jazz funk. It makes me feel so good and it's just so fun. 


3. What are you other hobbies besides dance?

I love to read and write.


4. What is your favorite stretch?

Back bend


5. What is your favorite post workout/dance snack?

I love a good smoothie after dance!


6. If you were on a deserted island-who is one person you would want to bring with you and why?

I would bring my mom because she knows me so well, and would keep me sane!


7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a professional dancer, and after that career, I hope to either become a choreographer or journalist/author.


8. What is something on your bucket list?

Visit Paris.


9.What is your favorite Sadie Jane outfit and why?

I love the hypnotize leotard because it matches my style so well! With the mesh all over, and the cut-outs on the hips it's absolutely perfect!


10.Who is your inspiration and why?

My inspiration is Kaycee Rice. She's such a sweet person and friend, and has really helped me throughout these past years!

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